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A.S.D. Magazine

A.S.D. Magazine is a fun, unique and creative interactive magazine created with youth in mind.  Focusing on youth mind, body, soul, and leadership by

incorporating motor skills activities throughout the magazine, in addition to offering Young Entrepreneurs a space to get their business out there for the world to see.  From coloring, learning, review, positivityadvertising and more, A.S.D. Magazine is a great edition to the intellectual well-being of the future generation. 

A.S.D. magazine is a must have!

Check out our flexible and affordable Ad space and Subscription Rates!

Subscriptions~ Payment for monthly subscription options shall be completed at check-out for the full amount per subscription chosen. If you cancel prior to completion of subscription, there will be no refunds issued. Only a A.S.D. Magazine Credit.  A.S.D. Magazine Credit is valid for 3 months( your A.S.D. Magazine Credit expires 3 months from cancellation date, after expiration date, A.S.D. Magazine Credit is no longer valid and you may choose to start a new subscription and pay the full subscription price). However, if you choose to re-subscribe during the 3 month validation of your A.S.D. Magazine Credit, you will continue to receive A.S.D. Magazines until your A.S.D. Magazine Credit is completely credited.(your A.S.D. Magazine Credit can be added to an extension subscription. i.e. if you chose a 3 month plan and canceled after 1 month, you will have a 2 month(2 issues) A.S.D. Magazine Credit that will be valid for 3 months.  If you chose to re-subscribe 2 months later, you will receive 2 issues starting the following issue month. Or, you may add that 2 month(2 issues) A.S.D. Credit to a 6 month or 12 month subscription. Remaining amount for an extended subscription can be purchased through the cart page.  Upon cancellation, 2 A.S.D. Magazine Credit Codes will be sent via email to the email address provide by the customer(please check your spam folder ),  A.S.D. Magazine Credit Codes are valid for 3 months and can be applied to an extension subscription.  A.S.D. Magazine has the right to cancel/terminate a subscription at anytime for any reason. No refund will be applied.  Any and all A.S.D. Magazine Customers have the right to cancel/terminate a subscription at anytime for any reason. No refund will be applied.  PLEASE BE SURE TO UPDATE YOUR EMAIL. ALSO, PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER.

Please Read!

All artwork and mark ups must be submitted in JPG. format by the 20th of the month prior to your actual Ad run month. 
Example: August  ads need to be placed(paid for and artwork submitted in JPG. format to no later than July 20th.  September ads need to be placed(paid for and artwork submitted in JPG. format to by August 20th Includes color ads.

All businesses running Ads with A.S.D. Magazine will get 1 free copy per Issue your Ad is ran.  Businesses can purchase multiple Ad spaces in the same issue(if you run multiple Ads, you will still receive only 1 copy). Just be sure to purchase each Ad space and send artwork and mark ups for each Ad via email to

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