I am Aiy'Den! The CEO of A.S.D Apparel.
A.S.D. Apparel was established in 2018 and designed with all children in mind and since, have expanded to catering to adult sizing in certain A.S.D. Apparel Collections . My brand is a reflection of who I AM.  I am a handsome, intelligent, wise, strong, brave, funny, positive...... need I say more, being.  I love to inspire and encourage my peers to be the best they can be, to utilize their creativity and rise above.  I am filled with lots of love, laughter, light, intelligence and creativity, and I plan to spread it any and everywhere I go. I love my life and I have created a brand that will allow my peers and others to embrace, enjoy and love who they are and the life they live. I have so much to give...... it doesn't stop here!