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Moosa's Meals Cooking Camp

October 7th-9th, 2023

Classes are 4 hours long, led and hosted
                                by Chef Moosa

Day 1: Breakfast

                  Mixing and measuring


Day 1, we will whip out the whisk and whip up some tasty vegan pancakes, don't worry, there will be plenty to take home!


                         What's on the menu

                             Spelt Pancakes

                         Chickpea scramble

             Savory mushroom breakfast patties





                              Cutting & Chopping Skills


Pizza & Popsicles........ Day 2, we will chop up and Sautee healthy and delicious veggies to create and enjoy our very own pizza! We'll relax and end day 2 enjoying our very own vegan popsicles.


                               What's on the menu

                                    Vegan Pizza

                                Vegan Popsicles



                            Prepping & Presentation


Invite some of your family members to a nice dinner prepared and presented by you! Talk about all the skills you learned and delicious meals you made over a nice sit-down dinner.

                                  What's on the menu

                                One-Pot Veggie Pasta

                           House made Pasta sauce

                                 House made salad


Day 2: Lunch

Day 2: Dinner

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